• Brian Wiley

It's Time to Reset

It seems hard to believe we are halfway through 2019.  As time flies past us all, I am taking a moment to ask you to pause for a moment.  As the stock market is experiencing its highest levels in history, and being mid-way through 2019, and in the midst of a particularly emotional political environment, I think we all need to hit the reset button and start from the top to be sure we are not missing anything.  

Over the past 6 months, our firm made a significant improvement to our business model to enhance our client experience and to further bolster the importance of doing excellent work as an esteemed fiduciary for every client household.  This noted, we want to be sure we are not missing opportunities for tax savings, goal funding, or subjecting client investments to inappropriate risks. To put it plainly; let's identify potential issues while the market is high, instead of discovering problems after a volatile period.

Meeting with a new advisor is uncomfortable because of the new discussion and the lengthy conversations to get the relationship started.  As time continues, we all tend to become complacent.  Perhaps too comfortable and too friendly - to the point where quality discussions are not had and opportunities are missed.  Our process of discovery for new clients is thorough.  We take each of our new client households through a process of planning before we invest any money.  If it has been more than 2 years since we have reset our discussion, then let’s not wait much longer to "re-discover” your household.  We will schedule these meetings with two advisors in the room to be sure we catch anything we may have been missing such as tax law changes that may benefit you.  

This is a part of the service you are paying for, so ... let’s get back to work. 

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